Project: Devilete
Dimensions: 24' x 24'
Medium: Giclee on Archival Paper

Just like the song says: My goal has always been “to play them all”.  Meaning every pinball machine ever made.  And once you play as many as I have one thing really sticks out.  In general pinball art could have been better. I’d love to do the artwork for a game and when I received an invite for a art show being assembled by D’arci Bruno for the Pacific Pinball Museum it struck:  What would Gil Elvgren have done?  Yes, pinball art is almost synonymous with pinup art.  So if it’s going to go in that direction why not do it right?  Gil Elvgren was at the top of his field for commercial illustration from the 1940’s-1970’s.  If only pinball manufacturers like Gottlieb or Williams or Bally had shot the padlock off their wallets and hired him.  

So I decided I’d like to create a tribute piece to Gil as an imaginary game I called “Devilette".  I added lots of graphics that were part of the back glasses you’d find on the old games.  I added in a little Betty Page, some score reels and pizzazz.  Now there’s a word you don’t hear much at art murmur.  The reception to the work was super favorable and the original 24” x 24” painting sold on opening night.  A giclee version of 30 prints was also made.