Title: St. John the Baptist, 2004

Media: Acrylics on Cinderblock wall

Dimensions: 3' x 8'

St. John the Baptist Church, 11150 San Pablo, El Cerrito, CA

A smaller commission from around the time we were working on the Playland not at the Beach murals in El Cerrito.  I asked my friend Randolph Belle to pose for some photos at his studio at the time.  He took a large floor rug and wrapped it around his shoulders.  The church was concerned about having a more multicultural depiction of St. John and the image of Randolph turned out to be a good subject for the commission.  Unfortunately, I'd painted this wall in the winter and a few years later a large section fell away due to moisture trapped in the wall coming through.  I went back in and repainted the piece, meticulously recreating the original prismatic effects.